Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sort of still my constitution

Well, the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage failed--for now. That's the good news. The bad news is that just about one half of those who voted thought it should pass. It was one vote from a tie; luckily, they needed a 2/3 majority.

It's weird to think that if the folks who voted actually represent their constituents' views, then approximately 50% of the people I pass in a day don't believe that I should have equal rights, so much so, in fact, that they feel it should be FORMALLY WRITTEN INTO the highest document in the land. Can you imagine us doing this with other groups? Say, Latinos? Or Mormons? We don't even have anything in there about child molestors and sexual predators, and if any groups shouldn't be rushing out to get married (and having children), it's them.

This whole thing is divisive, and truly, the political equivalent of "hey, look over there!"--let's focus on a largely law-abiding segment of the population and how to ensure they don't "damage" the rest of our marriages, rather than looking at the real issues--Iraq, poverty, the US healthcare crisis, crime etc.

I want to say to these people, "How does my and Tara's impending nuptuals strip you of your rights? How does it hurt you or your kids? It's time to realize that we are your neighbors, coworkers and friends. Your marriages aren't a threat to us, although many of us envy your ability to just go get hitched in a legal manner. Why should my little slice of happiness bother you that much?"

As my friend Keri says over at her blog:

I think guns are far more destructive to family values and the upbringning of healthy children than any gay or lesbian person I have ever met. How many headlines do you read in the paper each day about a family being blown away by people with guns? How many headlines do you read every day that a gay or lesbian couple has killed or destroyed someone's family? I'm sure you could do some scientific studies to prove my theory.

I agree with her. After all, how many GLBT folks accidently kill children when left unlocked and unattended in the home?


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Go KERI - excellent point.

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