Friday, May 26, 2006

Acts of kindness

There is something so sweet about an unexpected act of kindness.

This week, I've had the opportunity to begin telling people about our engagement. Tempting as it may be though, it's not necessarily appropriate for me to spurt forth all of the details of my personal life to my patients as they're laying face-down on the chiropractic table. So mostly, I've talked to friends and family.

Yesterday though, a patient came to see me... she is one of only a handful of outwardly lesbian patients I've had over the years and I love chatting with her. To give a little context, lesbians are not completely absent or extinct in the tri-valley area, they simply don't have much visibility. Pleasanton is socio-politically just about the polar opposite of Santa Cruz... conservative, republican-land which lacks the essence of living in hippie-ville where everyone is free to do their own thing, people aren't generally God-fearing, half the population doesn't eat meat, diversity rules and I imagine, acts of kindness occur every day. In Pleasanton, people go to work, pull the BMW in the driveway at the end of the day to greet their 2.5 children, walk the dog, and go inside their stucco homes until morning. It's a burb... one that I grew up in for my whole life and still drive to almost every day. I set up my practice there nearly 9 years ago because it's a good place to do business and quite frankly, I didn't know much else. Put it this way, Wen still teases me about shopping at Pottery Barn and playing golf (although I don't eat meat ;) So suffice to say that things about Pleasanton are great - the schools are good for one, and most people are very friendly - but diversity isn't the strongest point.

In walks my patient. Coincidentally, I was really aching to tell someone about this big 'ole lesbo wedding! When I told her , she seemed really happy for me, expressed congratulations and I said that I'd probably see her in a month. It was nice to share.

Today, a dozen and a half long stemmed red roses arrived, arranged with greenery and baby's breath... in short, gorgeous! I had no idea who they were from until I opened the card. It reads:

Tara and Wen,
D and I would like to congratulate you on your recent engagement. We wish both you and Wendy all of the happiness in the world. Getting married two years ago was the best thing we ever did. We hope for you all the best that life has to offer! Much love to you both!
K & D

It almost made me cry (well, okay - it did). I called her on the phone and she said, "in my life, I've known so many couples who've received flowers for their engagement... personally, I think WE should too". We, meaning me, Wen, and every other girl or boy who decides to walk this path with their beloved. The flowers were so touching, but what was most amazing to me is the fact that I don't know her and her partner very well and of what I do know, the flowers were certainly a financial consideration for them. It was so tremendously thoughtful -wow..

Ah... it makes me aspire to be more thoughtful in my own life. Today's smile was worth a thousand bucks.

As for the flowers... well, we're leaving for a camping trip in about an hour and will be gone through the holiday weekend. I was afraid they'd sit here and wilt, but Wen says that instead, they should be our picnic table centerpiece. Nice. We'll have the best-dressed camp site ever!!!


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