Thursday, June 01, 2006

Not So Different

I was over reading the fine blog of AmyFritz! and happened across this post, where she describes her civil ceremony as basically a bunch o' paperwork in California, and suggests that she'll be feeling married when she says "I do" in a church in Rome.

I found myself leaving a comment and thinking that while it'd certainly be nice to have all the legal protections of an official US-govenment sanctioned marriage, that Amy and my situation will be similar in that the meaningful ceremony won't confer any rights and responsibilities.

Tara and I will have to visit a lawyer and draw up papers that allow us basic rights, such as visiting each other in the hosptial.

But hey, Monkey Marriages are certainly cheap! You can literally pay them peanuts to officiate.


Blogger heather said...

good idea to have a medical power of attorney, etc for when you're out of state, or just in case. but at least we live in california, where most of those things are "guaranteed" as long as you do the formal domestic partnership dealio...

12:31 PM  

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