Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adventures in Weddingland: Little Bunny Foo Foo and My First Ukulele

Alas, Tara and I have been knee deep in wedding planning as of late. All will be revealed here in good time...

Until then, I leave you with proof that one ends up rather punchy after a few hours of trying to find appropriate vows and such. To wit, we now have a new version of the Little Bunny Foo Foo song (as well as an excellent visual. My idea to get these as wedding favors with "Wen and Tara, 2007" stitched on the butt was resoundly--and probably rightfully--rejected).

In case you were wondering, the Bunny Foo Foo Wedding Song goes:

Little bunny foo foo
Hoppin' down the aisle
Pickin' up the bridesmaids
And boppin' them on the head...

And then the Wedding Coordinator came down...
And she said...

Little bunny foo foo
I don't want see you
Pickin' up the bridesmaids
And boppin' them on the head...

I'll give you threeeeeeee chances...

After a few of these chances, he's turned into the centerpiece, saving the bride and bride the cost of yet another flower arrangement. The end.

In other news, Tara is perusing "A list of my favorite ukulele CDs"
Because, really, what's a wedding without some John Denver on ukulele?

Unbelievably, the Rolling Coconuts of Japan, who play Ukulele Mozart? They're not half bad.

And of course, there's something for everyone on that ukulele! To wit:


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