Monday, February 05, 2007


The QM2 is in San Francisco! Wow. Unfortunately, Tara and I have been SO sick these past couple weeks that we had no idea it was to be in SF, and also no strength to get there. (Not to mention that it'd have been cold hanging out on the bridge.) But still. The QM2! Here! In our beloved SF!

Our dream honeymoon is to sail in an exterior cabin on the QM2 to the UK (during a ballroom dance camp--yes, they have them periodically), where we'd sightsee and uhm, eat. Then we'd go over to France where we'd see more stuff and continue eating. And drinking wine. If time allowed, we'd eat our way through Italy as well, taking in the sights as we went from gelato stand to gelato stand.


Blogger amy said...

We saw the ship come in and go under the Golden Gate... it was neat enough to see the Very Big Boat Go Under The Bridge, but the ship itself looked AMAZING. Very glamorous. But $20K for a room on the around the world voyage! However, I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had the $$.

(And apparently the original QM is now being used as a hotel somewhere in SoCal?)

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