Monday, July 10, 2006

State by State...

What's new in Marriage Equality.


The legal war over same-sex marriage in California reaches a new milestone today when lawyers for gay and lesbian couples, religious conservatives, the city of San Francisco and the state will appear before an appellate court for a marathon hearing.


The same court that made Massachusetts the first state to legalize gay marriage ruled Monday that a proposed constitutional amendment to ban future same-sex marriages can be placed on the ballot, if approved by the Legislature.

I'm not really aware of many rights having been stripped from folks like this before, e.g. did they put in progressive race laws in some states and then say "let's try to get around it another way" and take them away? I'm sure there were such manouevers' it's just that I don't remember hearing much about them. As usual, the intermediate steps are often lost to history...


Blogger keri said...

How do you think it will fare in Calif? With 2/3 of the court being Republicans? Elections coming up in November are putting the pressure on the reds to appear that they are holding up traditional values. Let's hope that they don't bend to the pressure.

8:13 AM  
Blogger gs said...

With respect to racial equality, the good news is that roadblocks, such as poll taxes, were thrown in the way, and were overcome. Mostly, anyway. The bad news (for you two) is that this was possible because minorities had the Constitution on their side, in the form of the Thirteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, and same-sex couples, sadly, do not.

9:00 AM  
Blogger gs said...

I posted the previous comment yestrday. This morning I hear on the news that an effort is underway in Congress to dilute the provision of the Voting Rights Act that guarantee the vote to minorities. :(

2:15 PM  

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