Monday, June 19, 2006

Nice Relationship Tip

Relationship Tip of the Day, from the Hendricks:

Real love begins when power struggles end.

Many of us grow up seeing power struggles in the relationships around us. Most of the struggles are not based on any kind of reality--they're simply squabbles about each person trying to prove that his or her version of reality is better than the other's.

A teenager in a family-counseling class gave a good example: "My parents have the same argument over and over. I've probably heard it a hundred times already, and my big sister says they were doing it even before I was around. They get into this 'he said, she said' thing where my mom will say 'Yesterday you told me you would pick up the dry cleaning,'then my dad will say 'No, I said I would do it if I had time,' then my mom will say 'No, I distinctly heard you say you'd pick it up,' then my dad will say 'Your memory is so bad you can't even remember to get the oil changed every 3,000 miles, so how would you remember a sentence I said yesterday,' then they're off and running for the next hour or two. It's always about who's right." And it always eats up the time and energy that could go into love and intimacy.


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