Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Engagement Dinner, Part I

This Sunday evening, Rob and Chris (Tara's ex-husband & business partner and his wife) had us over for what turned out to be a very sweet engagement dinner. I say "turned out" because I didn't know beforehand that this was the occassion.

I found out, in fact, when Tara was lamenting our possible lateness by saying we really should be on time because we were the guests of honor. Guests of honor? GUESTS OF HONOR? What exactly were we attending, anyway? I thought we were going for a casual dinner, a BBQ or some other kind of friendly way to pass a Sunday evening with friends.

When she said those magic words--Guests. Of. Honor., I looked at my jeans, white shirt and flip flops. I could just see my mother telling me to get back upstairs and come down when I was actually ready. Guest of honor, indeed!

We weren't too late, even with a stop off for ice cream at a local grocery store. (We didn't want to risk bringing it all the way from Oakland, as it was hot out and we figured that it was called ICE cream for a reason).

Chris's brother, Michael, was also in attendance. He'd just driven up to Nevada City, raced his bike in the heat, and drove back for the dinner. Now that's dedication! He gave us a very sweet card with Tulips on it and a nice bottle of Champagne.

It was a really satisfying evening. Great food, good conversation. You know, all the trite things people say about events, only I actually mean them. They decided to have us over to celebrate, because they won't be able to attend the party that Deborah will be putting on for us near the end of July.

So, on to the important details! What, exactly, did we eat? We started out with a magnum of Champagne, and some appetizers (Greek themed), moving on to a Riesling and a wonderful vegetarian dinner of Greek salad and moussaka. I was really touched that Rob and Chris went through the trouble to make such a nice meal, and to make it vegetarian for Tara and me. We finished off with coffee (they roast their own beans--yes, this should give you some idea of the quality of the food they prepare) and a homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

We chatted a bit, teased Michael about his dating situation. We watched the relatively new kitties jump around. Chris looked up what baraccudas look like when they are pissed off. (Don't ask!) We got to see Rob's 2nd place ling cod photo from a local underwater photography contest. (Ling Cod. I currently feel the need to work this amazing phrase into general converation.)

I ended up tired by around 10 PM and we said our goodbyes around then, as I had to get up at 5 AM to get to work by 7.


Blogger barbie2be said...

sounds like a wonderful celebration of two people that are in love and committed to each other. congratulations.

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