Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gold Goes With Everything

Tara and I have not abandoned you, dear readers. We've simply been away, doing a bit of Latin Dance at the Gay Games, and winning a Gold medal for it. As one person put it, "Good for you! Gold goes with everything."

This week brings us the following:

*More water damage! New and improved with more leaks and recently-added drainage problems!

*Tracking down everyone who e-mailed be during the time my inbox exploded from spam in my absence.

*Deciding how long it's okay to leave my large suitcase in Fluffy (my Honda Element) before it can be considered 1) part of the vehicle or 2) packed for the next vacation.

*Hunting down (or replacing) my citrus juicer (which I didn't let go at the garage sale, unless I did so accidently) so I can make strawberry lemonade for the party this weekend.

*Deciding what to wear for said party, as Latin Competition Dance Pants from dancepants.com and a sparkling, made-to-order top from Hong Kong have made up the bulk of my "look good" wardrobe as of late. Somehow, however, I sense it's not good to attend one's engagement fete dressed as if one might suddenly break into a cha cha cha, a la a 1950s musical.


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