Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good things about Getting Married @ Cocoanut Grove

1. Cocoanut has an "a", like in "cocoa." What's better than a retro, alternative spelling at your venue? Not much, I say. Unless, of course, you are getting married at Ye Olde Candle Shoppe or something, in which case, we need to talk.

2. Great views. The day we toured, the beach and boardwalk were pretty empty, giving things a serene feel. It may be a bit different when sticky children and loud teens from San Jose are wandering around, but when we saw it--perfect!

3. The ceiling opens. Need I say more? Except perhaps "The ceiling slowly opened up to allow for a smashing pyrotechnics display."

4. The floor is not carpeted. It's tile, and the tile has grooves, but it's not carpet. Did I mention: no carpet? We want to have a grand ball. Grand balls have antique buffed hardwood floors. Or tile. They do not have carpet.

5. They make you use their caterer, which is usually not a plus, but their choices are managable, and I think we could choose food that would suit everyone. The two people who weighed in about Cocoanut Grove (keri and one of T's patients) both liked the venue a lot and didn't really remember the food much. That's fine. Better that then a lingering memory of it smelling like pee at the entrance. (See earlier post on Berkeley City Club).

6. It's not usually appropriate to serve cotton candy at the reception.

7. Ditto about asking if they can bring up some Ms. Pacman and skeeball.

8. Guests who are bored with the wedding can go ride the roller coaster or play mini-golf for a while and then come back for dinner.

9. "A Formal Ball at the Boardwalk" could mean just about anything. And it will be fun to see who shows up in formal dress, who goes for the snappy sarong-over-bikini look and who does a hybrid of "bathingsuit top with long satin skirt and sequined flip flops." It'll be interesting to see what the girls wear, too. (Ha, yes, that was a drag queen joke.)

10. Where else can the brides and her close friends ride the Cave Train in full wedding attire?

11. Ditto with the sky ride.

12. Possible drawback: loosing the veil on the Great Dipper or getting a bit wet on the Log Flume before the ceremony.

13. We can walk to the wedding, from my house, thus making it a green wedding. And really, who doesn't want to walk across a railroad trestle over the San Lorenzo River on route to their wedding? No one, I tell you.

Seriously, though, this venue works for a lot of reasons. It's not cheap, but with some saving and planning, it's doable. It's in a location we love. It appeals to my sense of fun (Boardwalk), my outdoorsy nature girl (beach) and my love of dance (big room, no carpet). I believe the same is true for Tara.

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Does the Cave Train still exist? I miss that!

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