Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Garden State

Alas, blogger also chowed down on my post yesterday. It was wittier than I can reproduce here right now, but went something like this:

Sure I have heard the jokes about New Jersey being the Garbage State. Yes, there are petrochemical plants nestled in amongst the "fragrance and flavor" factories spewing toxic-looking chemicals. There are jokes about Turnpike exits. But Jersey also has gorgeous green spaces, ocean & sand, good public elementary schools (mostly), and my favorite aunt.

And now, coming soon to a state not-so-near me, is legal rights for same-sex couples in the form of supercharged domestic rights, or maybe even MARRIAGE!

The last post included an entire treatise on Mc.Donald's strawberry shake flavoring (and how it is a bunch of chemicals that give a "nose feel" (right-o) that tricks your mouth into thinking it tastes strawberries). So perhaps it's good Blogger ate it.


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