Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cocoa-nutty links

Here are some links to Cocoanut Grove, which, by the way, also fulfills the "historic" requirement. (We preferred something old, rather than a new hotel kind of place. CG counts because it's having its centennial this year. Woo! I loved seeing the poster of all the old bands and singers in the Cocoanut Grove Hall of Fame on the wall.)

Here we go! A shot from the beach side.

The room we are thinking about using: The Sun Room

This is looking back from the cliffs down near the lighthouse towards the wharf and boardwalk. CG is up top on the far left of the salmon-colored building.

A snapshot of the entrance, complete with palm trees and retro lettering. And it's pink. Here is is at twilight. (Or perhaps just without a flash) And even bigger and pinker. And at night. In green.

Just because every "here's where we are getting married" post needs a photo of a couple of rico suave guys at the bar. (Note: this bar is part of the larger ballroom not the sunroom).

It also needs a Guy and His Truck, after a storm.

Of course, we were going to see if we could get Laffing Sal to usher. (She's scarier in color. )

Ariel view.


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The room is beautiful. I love natural light.

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