Monday, August 21, 2006

The Wedding Venue Search: Friday

T and I had one of those weekends during which you kind of do a lot and kind of do a lot of nothing.


I was still feeling pretty sick, and so we went to look at a wedding venue (The Berkeley City Club) rather than going out dancing. It was very nice although it was too expensive when you added up all the little charges: room for ceremony, room for reception, food, service, set up, clean up, booking fee, tax, parking. There was the walking through the door fee. The pulling out a chair fee. The sitting in the chair fee. Toilets: X dollars per flush. Food: X dollars per chew.

Also, the front porch smelled like pee both times we visited. (It must not be in a neighborhood with readily-available evening bathrooms. Ahem). Price aside, I'm not sure I want my wedding to be remembered as "the one with the porch that smelled like pee." The upside: any loitering after the event would be rare, thus saving us the loitering fee, and the photos would get done quickly, although everyone's face would have to be photoshopped to rid them of the "what's that smell?" look.

After the venue visit, we ate at a place called Simply Greek on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. It was under $11 for a full meal and drink, and the falafel and pita were really good. I'm a pita snob, preferring the flexible, thick, garlicy kind to the cracker-thin stale "available at the grocery for 89 cents a pack" variety. I am pleased to report that Simply Greek uses the former. Yum. And the falafel balls were soft, not like the kind that remind you of rocks kicked up by 18 wheelers on the 880.


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