Monday, July 31, 2006

Engagement Par-tee!

Yesterday, my folks threw us an amazing engagement party. For those of you who made it to Ripon to join in the celebration, thanks for sharing the day with us!

The morning began early. I woke before 6 am, excited about... what else?... the party. This is really funny to me. My whole life, I've never understood people who enjoy having, for example, birthday parties. I tend to be a little shy when the spotlight is turned on me and am typically just as happy to *not* have a party and opt instead for a movie or dinner with friends. That said, I really got excited about having an engagement party. Why is it different? Why isn't it just another frivilous excuse to congratulate oneself? Dunno ;) Anyway, when I finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to lay still any longer, I removed myself from the bed at 6:13 am in order to allow the other sleeping princess a few more zzzs.

We drove to Ripon in Little Fella (my tiny 2 seat Honda), not really thinking about the fact that we might accumulate some cool loot to haul back to Oakland. We arrived at my parent's house to find gorgeous decorations, LOTS of balloons, party favors, food and drink. My father thinks that proper party planning demands an allotment of at least 5 pieces of chicken per person whether they are vegetarian or not. Hee hee. There was even a cake with an edible picture of us on it! LOL. Whatever objections I'd previously held to having a party thrown in my favor went right out the window:)

It was great to mingle with friends - old and new. I got to meet a couple of Wen's friends for the first time and she met a couple of mine too. We had guests whom I've known for years and others that I'd like to know better - but when all was said and done, I realized that the party was a perfect collection of my favourite people. People who make me smile. People who offer support, laughs and friendship. It was touching to know that everyone drove such a long distance to help us celebrate the next step in our lives together.

My parents continue to shower me with good fortune. I grew up in a rather judgmental, conservative family, where it was never good enough to just be "me". My birth mother, Claudia, and my dad had 5 children and we were all raised alongside Claudia in the Mormon faith. At age 13, I had my first crush on a girl... but in my house, good girls married boys, went to church, had babies and didn't want for anything more. They sang in the choir and tried to get into heaven. I sang scores from Broadway musicals and tried to get tickets to the Madonna concert.

This said, I can't tell you what a huge amount of love I feel for my Dad and Deborah. I may not have felt permission to be "me" in my younger years, but when the rest of my biological family packed up and moved from California to Utah to practice their religion, Gary and Deb held tight to me - and together, they have been the parents I know and love. They have loved me, encouraged me and blessed me with a family support system that I never knew existed before. Afterall, not everyone gets a second chance at getting a kick-ass fairy step-mom unless you're Cinderella.

To stand amongst so many friends in their home, girl (of my dreams) in my arms and champagne in hand... to hear them acknowledge that I've grown into the woman I was meant to be and that they love who I've become... I couldn't be prouder. I didn't realize it until yesterday, but it's what I've waited my whole life to hear. And then there were tears.

Wen and I came home lastnight and opened our gifts. We really didn't expect them, but what great taste ya'll have! The entire day was fun and sweet and it's the stuff that memories are made of. We're aiming to make a lot of wonderful memories together.

Although yesterday was great, we were feeling a little sad lastnight that Wen's family couldn't make it out for the party. To make matters harder, Wen got news early this morning that her dad has fallen ill and was taken to the hospital lastnight. Our thoughts and prayers are with him for a speedy recovery. Please, please send hugs his way! We'll keep you posted on his progress.


Blogger heather said...

we had the best time, too. great people, great food! congratulations again!

and, sorry to hear that wen's dad's test got cancelled. hopefully tomorrow!

10:36 AM  

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