Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Saturday at the Claremont

Saturday, we looked at another wedding venue--The Claremont. It's also expensive, but the fees are pretty straightforward, which I like. All you can flush, no "walking across the threshold" fee. Cake included.

Sounds good to me.

And it was gorgeous.

Bay and City Views. Historic venue. Parking.

They want a guarantee of 100 people and we don't have the budget for that many. We need a large venue because we are dancing fools, not because we have a huge guestlist. We haven't talked to the Claremont folks yet, but this concept seems hard for many wedding venue types to grasp, however.

"But you can have the SMALLER, CHEAPER ROOM for your SMALL WEDDING" they say loudly and slowly, like we are in Remedial Wedding Class and, being slow, hadn't quite understood that the LARGE ROOM is for LARGE WEDDINGS. Because you know, YOU CAN FIT 350 PEOPLE FOR DINNER in there! Sitting down! At tables! Uhm, no we can't. Not if we are trying to tango. It's all fun and games until someone gets a fork in the forearm on the way by.

We may change the Fabulously Formal Gala Ball to a Sunday afternoon tea dance because it's a less popular time. We figure this increases our chances that the Claremont will negotiate with us. Then again, we don't have any firstborns to trade, so we're not holding our breath.


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